Ansarov Studios | AmericanSpectrumtour

Join us this summer for our
2016 American Spectrum Tour
Aaron Ansarov and his team will be traveling throughout the U.S. to select cities hosting "Spectrum paint parties." These will be either group events of strangers or private venues of friends. Either way, everybody is transformed into powerful body positive humans with a resulting one of a kind work of art to show for it. If interested in participating in any of these events or interested in hosting your own then let us know ASAP so we can fit it on the map. :)


Check out where we plan on going in 2016: 


Tampa. FL                   •  16 April

New Orleans, LA         •  22 April

Dallas, TX                   •  30 April

Austin, TX                   •  1 May

Phoenix, AZ                 •  6 May

San Diego, CA             •  8 May   

San Francisco, CA        •  13 MAY

Sacramento, CA           •  15 May

Kings Beach, CA          •  20 May

Las Vegas, NV             •   22 May

Colorado Springs, CO  •   28 May

Canton, Ohio                •   1 June

Washington, DC           •   4 June

Jacksonville, FL            •   7 June




Be sure to get a glimpse of our behind the scenes documentary video.